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Karen VerburghProfessional Associate

Karen has  20 years’ international experience as a Human Development (HD) and Organisation Development (OD) practitioner. She is known to design and conduct high impact experiential learning experiences and is an expert in leadership, diversity, talent management, emotional intelligence, change management, employee engagement, communication and influence, negotiation, self-mastery and career alignment.

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  • 2011 – Present.  Professional Associate and Trainer: The Influence Company. Karen joined The Influence Company South Africa shortly after her arrival from Holland, where she worked as a Trainer and Facilitator for Positive Power & Influence and Positive Negotiation at Bureau Zuidema, the Dutch Licensee for Situational Management Systems Inc. She blended her vast experience of human development in the European Community with the unique challenges and cultural context of Corporate Africa.


  • Human Development Counsellor
  • Certified Positive Power & Influence and Negotiation Facilitator (TIC)
  • Certified Process Facilitator - No name initiative,  Jonelle Naude
  • Deep Democracy Blue Belt
  • Training Effective Intuition, Carolina Bont´s Centre for Effective Intuition, 
  • Cultural Transformation Tools Training Part1: CTT Models and Tools for Consultants, Richard Barrett and Associates
  • Leadership Development Programme, Zambia
  • Certified Coach, Institute for Science, Alex van Groningen
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Tertiary Education:

Psychology Foundation Courses, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht (University of Utrecht); 1988;
VWO, Preparatory University Education, focus on the exact sciences; 1981 – 1987;
Humanism, University for Humanism, Utrecht; 1990 – 1993;
Training Human Development Counsellor, a 2-year part time Training course at the Human Development Counselling Foundation, at that time in Delft, later in Utrecht; 1999 – 2001.

Karen Verburgh