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  • 12-16 AUGUST 2019
  • Price: R17 500 plus VAT

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Influencing Change

This Workshop & Simulation has been shaped over 3 decades to support Executives and Change Leaders to direct and affect change through positive influence and planned communication.

The Opportunity

Companies are challenged to become change fit.  It's a myth that people can be told to change. People change all the time, but only when they choose it. Organisational change is often resisted - people weigh up the pains and the gains which often results in failed systemic change. There is a difference between the formal or visible organisation and the informal or invisible organisation - these elements of the formal organisation is complicated; the elements of the informal organisation is complex. This 5-day learning learning covers both and will help you to navigate positive organisational change. 

The Need

Change Leadership is a not a luxury, it's a must in today's organisations and societies. Learn the wisdom of why and how individuals, groups and organisations transform and get the skills and tools to influence change positively. 

The Touch Point – Workshop Overview

This 5-day learning journey includes an interactive and experiential workshop and simulation that provides the thinking framework, tools, strategies, tactics and range of methodologies to make change happen. Change leaders will put their skills to action within a client setting and will receive the gift of constructive feedback from experts in the field. Delegates can look forward to learning what reflects their real-life consulting challenges.  The programme is designed to power internal change implementation capacity. 

Influencing Change Breakthrough

  • Explore the fundamentals of change and transformation at individual, group and organisational level;
  • Get empowered to step into the role of the Change Influencer in the context of your role in relation to strategy execution;  
  • Explore a powerful framework and methodology for driving sustainable change;   
  • Get a grip on powerful transformation tools;
  • Deal with resistance to change;
  • Get people engaged, aligned and ready to take ownership of constant change.