• Available Dates (Public):
  • 19-22 FEB 2019
  • 4 -7 JUNE 2019
  • 8-11 OCTOBER 2019
  • Price: R14 800.00 plus VAT

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Master the Art of Influence Style Flexibility 

Practical experienced based learning presented in 40 countries - enhance your personal impact. 

The Opportunity

This management training and communication skills programme teaches participants how to communicate with strength and purpose. As a management training and professional development organisation for more than 35 years, The Influence Company offers the original influence skills programme called Positive Power and Influence®.

The Need

We often bump into people who, regardless of their status at work and society, have a mysterious ability to make instant high impact human connections. Why do they succeed and what are they doing differently? Can such skills be acquired and developed?

The Touch Point – Workshop Overview

Positive Power and Influence Programme (PPIP®) is a training programme in which employees learn influencing skills that help them to be more successful at their job. The programme gives employees insight into their own influence behaviour: How can they reach their personal power and which influence styles will help them to achieve more of their objectives AND strengthen the relationships with the people they work with? Based on the unique Influence Model® and by using intensive feedback loops, the participants will learn flexible ways to be more influential, depending on their goal, the situation and the person they want to influence. 

The Influence Breakthrough – Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the impact of your current use of power and influence on yourself and others;
  • Choose appropriate power modes and influence styles during conversations;  
  • Learn to apply a comprehensive set of influence strategies and styles;
  • Plan for a real-life critical influence challenge;
  • Uncover and work through personal blocks to effective influence.