• Available Dates (Public):
  • 8-10 MAY 2019
  • 11-13 SEPTEMBER 2019
  • Price: R13 800.00 plus VAT

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Positive Negotiation Programme

The Positive Negotiation Programme provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to confront differences, manage conflict, and reach lasting agreement.

The Opportunity

In this programme you will familiarise yourself with all aspects of the negotiation process. With the help of the Negotiation Model® and the Influence Model®, you will obtain tactical and strategical knowledge and skills to successfully negotiate with colleagues, employees, managers and external stakeholders. The combination of obtaining knowledge on the Negotiation Model® and practicing with influencing behaviour makes sure you will become a successful negotiator.

The Need

Change and conflict is a fact or life in organisations. Because people’s needs and preferences differ, negotiation is often needed and used to bridge our differences. Also, people prefer to participate in decisions that affect them and fewer people accept dictated decisions.  Whether in business, in government, or in social and family settings, skilful negotiation is a handy, and for some, difficult competence because conflict is involved. Good negotiators know how to curb feelings of dissatisfaction and alienation which can come with the territory.

The Touch Point – Workshop Overview

This expert negotiation programme is currently presented in more than 40 countries around the globe. It has evolved over more than 3 decades and is relevant in any country or context. The programme is offered over 3 days and is experiential in nature. The content is comprehensive and advanced, but also relevant and practical to a wide audience ranging from new to seasoned negotiators.  The world-renowned Positive Influence Model is integrated to distinct negotiation stages, including strategies and tactics in the process.  Delegates report to feel energised and prepared to tackle any future negotiation – big or small. You will know how to plan for and execute quality agreements that last.

The Negotiation Breakthrough – Learning Outcomes

  • Apply positive influence in the context of negotiation;
  • Analyse conflict, plan and execute constructive formal and informal negotiations;
  • Improve cross-functional, supplier and client relationships;
  • Become more effective team members and team leaders;
  • Learn and apply a comprehensive set of negotiation strategies and tactics for each negotiation stage;
  • Learn when to negotiate and when to invest in other conflict resolution strategies.